UKIP Allegedly Misspent 385,000 GBP of EU Funding

The events surrounding the dramatic and historic leave of the UK from the European Union have definitely rendered quite a lot of people speechless, to say the least. However, as Brexit is far behind our backs, new reports come to light, allegedly showing that the main supporter of the Brexit – the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP has effectively misspent 385,000 GBP of EU funds on its own Leave campaign. As controversial as this may sound, the information stems from an official report which was leaked. Of course, Nigel Farage immediately denied the information.


Things to Consider

Now, the Leave campaign was mainly orchestrated by the UKIP as well as Boris Johnson – former London mayor. Astonishing arguments were made in favour of the Brexit which later on turned out to be quickly abandoned and disproved as nothing but hokum. However, the Leave happened, and it’s rather unclear where the UK currently stands.

The Accusations

The Independence Party is currently being accused of breaking particularly strict European Union rules regarding the spending of funds stemming from the EU on polling in certain characteristic target constituencies as well as on surveys for social opinion before the referendum took place.
Now, it’s also important to note that the EU awards taxpayer funding to certain major groupings of parties which are national in the European Parliament. As for UKIP, the party belongs to and is dominates the ADDE. This stands for Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe – it’s a well-known group of right-wing parties with populist tendencies.

The controversy in the entire situation, as well as the harsh irony, stems from the fact that EU funds, which were allegedly released by the European Union itself, were used to fuel the Leave campaign which ultimately led to the dramatic Brexit. Furthermore, spending of the kind is in direct breach of numerous different provisions, and it is also widely unacceptable. Even though Nigel Farage went on to immediately deny information of the kind, the latter stems from a leaked official report.

The truth is that the UKIP is rapidly accumulating black point in its corner. The avalanche started with the immediate change of policy, few hours after the actual vote. Nigel Farage went on to rebuke Leave campaign’s initial promise of bringing millions back to UK’s NHS – something which turned out to be rather impossible and completely misleading. What’s to happen is still unclear, but it’s definitely not looking good for the party.