Trump President-Elect Did Not Ask For Security Clearance for His Children

It appears that president-elect- Donald Trump did not ask for security clearance for his children, according to a transition team official. What the official told the mass of reporters on Tuesday was that it was merely not in his expectation at this time to gain security clearance for his children.

Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump have been in the spotlight as of Trump’s win in the presidential campaign on November 8th, and that is not to say, ever since Trump stated that he was looking into a “blind trust” for his empire, to avoid a conflict of interest as he holds a position of power in the government, that his kids have been under the radar.

Trump currently is said to lack the means in which to control or understand the concepts of foreign affairs and currently has no network of reliable sources to help him man-oeuvre through the entire crisis. It would seem that if he gathers the only source of support and relational connections of his children, they would require completing the paperwork for their security clearance, or he would be violating the Espionage Act.

What Could It Mean

If Donald Trump did request to obtain security clearance, which as of Wednesday morning on Twitter Trump denied venomously, they would have access to global secured documents. The government as a whole, from the Treasury Department to the CIA, keeps secured documents that if the kids get clearance, they would have access to.

The president-elect is forbidden by Nepotism laws from giving his children positions of power within his cabinet. He can, however, bestow upon them advisory positions, and if they are managing his empire through the blind trust, this could pose a serious issue and a conflict of interest.

Donald Trump’s huge conglomeration of businesses is world-wide, and some are in nations that are a threat to the freedom and security of the United States. He has holdings in China, and even though not proven yet, it has been said that he also has ties to Russia.

Why all the Debate

His children have publicly denied all allegations that they will hold official offices within his administration, but they we named as part of the Presidential Transition Team.  If they have any role within the administration could mean serious problems for his cabinet and his business empire.

It is very unusual for children of a president to have any active roles within the administration or even remotely in on any doings within the White House. It goes without saying that Trumps children have a long standing business advisory relationship with their father, and as for his son-in-law, he happens to be Trump’s right-hand man.