Trump Presidency: What It Means For the World


Donald Trump has shocked the world when he won as the President of the United States in the recently concluded national elections. In a race that highly-favoured Clinton, if the surveys were to be believed, there are still many who cannot believe that Trump is soon to be the top executive of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Having radical perspectives and controversial remarks, many were worried about what he’ll do once he assumes power. The presidency of Trump will affect not only his country but the rest of the world as well.

Stricter Immigration

During the campaign, Trump has been very vocal about his stand on immigration. He even planned to build a wall to serve as the border between the US and Mexico. He announced the deportation of 2 to 3 million who are illegal immigrants in the country. He also announced that he will be closing the country to Muslim immigrants. With this, expect policies that will result into strict immigration, although many may not be apparent the soonest since the approval of the Congress will be necessary.

Threats to Free Trade

Trump seems to be dubious of the current free trade agreements that America has with the world. His trade policies will most probably change the way his country does business with the rest of the world. During his campaign speeches, he mentioned that he might possibly scrap a variety of existing free trade agreements, which include North American Free Trade Agreement. He was even contemplating on getting out of the World Trade Organisation.

Change of Stance in Climate Change

While America is currently one of the strongest supporters of global initiatives to combat climate change, this might just change by next year. Trump has also been very vocal on his belief that climate change is hoax and fictional. With this, he noted that under his presidency, the United States will stop financial assistance to all clean energy projects. However, with the existing agreement, which US has signed under Obama, it might not be easy for Trump to immediately withdraw from all existing obligations.

America First Strategy

There are many people who liked how Trump proposes to make America great again by bringing back jobs to Americans who are in need. There are some, however, who are not happy, especially as cost of labour in the country is high and there are companies that are able to outsource excellent services outside of the country, such as in the Philippines. With this, under Trump presidency, the world can expect that relationship with other countries can weaken, including to those that have been considered as U.S. allies for many years.