What are the Top 5 Law Careers

Over the last few years, a major shift in the law jobs market has been the rising demand for expert services. People with skilled talent and knowledge with specialisation on specific areas of the industry can benefit from a higher career potential. Both clients and employers are seeking the value and efficiencies that can be found in experts of specific subject matters.

For all law students, it is important to understand what exactly is driving the legal market today. Here are the top law careers to inspire you to make the right decision in terms of which exact career path to take.

  • Healthcare Law
    The healthcare sector is one of the trending career choices for legal professionals. The career settings range from government agencies and hospitals to health law firms representing organisations, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is a practice area that usually intersects with contract law, civil rights and public benefits law. Casework and policy often covers issues like insurance coverage, ethical choices, drug safety and access to healthcare among others. Additionally, as health care management systems continue being more technical and modernised, legal expertise in this area will be ever more essential.
  • Immigration Law
    Immigration law has plenty of career options for the discerning legal professional, ranging from working in the conventional law firm setting to immigration-related duties in a government agency. Governmental policies related to immigration are quite significant and are being debated often. It requires a profession who can understand the impact of these laws on foreign nationals in terms of labour issues, human rights, civil liberties and litigation. Hence, it is one of the best specialisation areas you can also focus in as there is a lot of demand in this category as well.
  • Family Law
    If you want to specialise in family law, you need to have lots of experience and knowledge because of the many different issues. Most states demand advance certification to be able to practice in this particular area and also passage of extra exams to ensure high levels of competency. The casework may include collaborative divorce, child custody litigation, and adoption and enforcement procedures.
  • Elder Law
    According to the U.S Census, over 20% or the total population will be over 65 years by 2030. As demographics continue to shift with more Americans living longer and getting older, specialisation in elder law has become more important. This specialisation deals with protecting and advocating for the wellbeing and rights of older adults. It also interacts with family and healthcare law as it includes medical care, wills insurance, trusts and guardianship among others.

To secure your legal future and improve your earning potential and market value, you must take the necessary steps today to specialise and meet the growing needs of a competitive and demanding job market.