The New US Presidency – What Happened and What’s Next?


The United States of America finally have a new president. Donald Trump has earned the votes of the American people. Some people celebrate, some question the results. Quite overwhelmingly, the media, as represented by major news organisations took the side which lost. For this reason, a lot of them are now looking into possible holes, confirming that there was a trick along the way. The day after the election, a scapegoat surfaced, that is, the polling organisations and the mechanisms.

What’s Next?

Whether you personally voted for Mr. Trump, or not, nothing can really be done to change the results of the poll. The question is: what will do now that he was finally elected to office? True, he was not popular during the elections, and in fact, a lot of people have expressed dislike of him. The vote of the country was split closely. Both the Senate and House will stay mostly controlled by the Republican, but particularly in the Senate, this majority is not really great.

Regardless of how people will react, this presidency will continue for the next four years. As a matter of fact, despite the majority of the members of the senate being mostly republican for now, members of the House need to be re-elected in every two years. At the same time, all of them are not re-elected at the same time. Also, members of the senate need to be re-elected in every six years, with a third of them being re-elected in every two years.

For this reason, President Trump needs to collaborate together with the Republicans during his period of presidency. He also needs to take the initiative in doing things that can impress the American people so that he can get the opportunity to retain the majority of selected republicans to stay and work with him during the entire period of his term.

Economic Focus

There is something different with Trump’s presidency. For one, he is not the traditional politician type. He is a billionaire and an independent one at that. As such, he does not owe anything to the Republican Party. Most of his campaign was sponsored by his own finances. He is the very first US President since George Washington who had a light political background and a huge money control to back him up.

Now you can give that a huge consideration. Whether you voted for him or not, rather than fearing what he would do during his term, it would simply be better to cooperate with the elected officials and give him time to show what he’s got. Apparently, this was what the rest of the American people who voted for him were thinking on the day of the election.