The Impact of a Donald Trump Presidency

The Impact of a Donald Trump Presidency

Donald trump us president  unexpected victory in the hotly contested American election has had a great impact across the world as many countries scramble to determine the impact this new leadership for them. It is with good reason that many people are concerned. The US President-elect is on record making some bombastic statements during the campaign that point to a huge shift in the country’s foreign policy.

While Trump’s acceptance speech was generally toned down, many markets continue to struggle to predict the impact of Trump’s administration on various sectors, from the economy to the environment. Below is a collection of what many analysts are predicting as far as a Donald Trump presidency means for most parts of the world.


The incoming Trump administration will unlikely affect existing trade relations with Africa. However, what is probably going to happen is a drastic cut in aid budgets with huge effects for public debt levels and economic growth. East African nations particularly have disproportionally benefited from US aid. Nevertheless, they may just be spared due to their strategic importance for fighting terrorism and regional security.


Trump’s campaign pledge of bringing back jobs to the US spells a gleam future for Asia, which is the world’s leading manufacturing hub. The President-elect has threatened to retrieve US strategic and commercial interests in Asia. Expect the Chinese administration to be on the forefront to act as the main power broker.


The ‘America first’ ideology that Donald Trump represents will likely be a huge headache for all leaders in Europe. In a period when the European Union is currently engulfed in several crises, it can no longer rely on its most resolute international ally. The European leaders must also prepare for an impending change where the US adjusts from a strategic partner into an issue to be carefully managed.

Latin America

This is one of the unpredictable areas with regards to the impacts of a Donald Trump presidency. Generally, since the area doesn’t pose any geopolitical threats to America, it will likely not gain any prominence in the new administration. Nevertheless, the increased US protectionism could affect the major regional economies, thus promoting resurgence in anti-American, national sentiment ahead of several important elections in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

Middle East

While Obama’s presidency was a welcomed in most of the Gulf capitals, Donald Trump’s administration may end up reinforcing existing fears. Most of the American allies in the region are in fear that the country may disengage completely from the area and therefore stop supporting their interests. There is also the famous ban on Muslim immigrants that has many people in the Middle East worried about their futures.

Ultimately, this will likely be the most eventful presidency in America. The world is keen to see whether Donald Trump can replicate his business success in improving America’s prospects.