The Benefits of Political Party System

Political party system plays a crucial role in our democracy.  Our country can only be considered as an authentic democratic nation if the election incorporates a genuine competition between different candidates.  Political parties create the framework of the political system that allows the people to get politically involved.  It helps them to be aware of the things they like and identify the issues that they agree with.

The Advantages of Political Party System


  1. Political Parties Presents Political Information in a Manner that Can Be Easily Understood– by giving the voters the necessary information, they create an order by representing the whole philosophy of their political group. One perfect example is during the 2012 US Election that happened between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Both of their party stands for the major issue that reflect the philosophy of their respective parties.
  2. Find a Balance by Accommodating Different Opinions and Interest– Political parties can be considered as a structured group that contains contrasting views on issues. This highlights the importance of the political party to create decision that will not only beneficial to the few but will also favour the opinion and the interest of the supporters.
  3. Preventing Unpredicted Shift in the Trend that Threatens the Stability of the Government-party system helps uphold the stability since there will be different parties sharing power. In case that the voters do not agree on the issue, they will basically understand that the representative stands for a bigger issue that requires attention.  This basically discourages these voters from immediately giving-up their support on the party.
  4. Encourage Participation– the UK as a democratic nation allows the citizen to express their support and opinion, freely on the political party that upholds the same interest, opinion and value. They also encourage the voters to participate politically by casting their vote during the Election Period.  This allows the people to contribute to the change that will be enjoyed by everyone.
  5. Establish Order– one of the biggest advantage of the political party system is that they assist in establishing order since they are typically categorized as a governing body. A society with order is a crucial aspect of having controlled and safe living environment.  In the absence of the assistance from the governing party, it would fairly improbable to get an access to water, sewage or even enjoy the benefits of electricity.   Creating and monitoring military sector that will defend the nation will also be impossible without political party system.  Creating a ruling body is one of the most essential factors of creating a society.

Although there are individuals who might think that these political party systems serves as a detriment to our society, there are different benefits provided by the concept of having different candidates vying for the same position.