Super Bizarre Laws in US That Doesn’t Make Sense

Super Bizarre Laws in US That Doesn’t Make Sense

Almost all countries have existing outdated laws that are probably not enforced since the lawmakers themselves are unaware of their presence.  Regardless of this, these laws are still considered as valid since they are not yet legally repealed.  The US is not spared on this kind of laws.  In our research, we have uncovered some of the most ridiculous and bizarre US laws that are still in effect these days.

7 Most Bizarre Laws in the US that Doesn’t Make Any Sense

While most of the laws have been enacted to uphold and protect the rights of the citizens, this list of ridiculous law is illogical, impractical and unexplainable.  From the laws that define the clothes of the murderer to your choices of food; let us take a look at the laws that made our list of the extremely strange laws:

  • Arizona: No Cutting of Cactus
    It appears that cutting cactus is considered a major crime in Arizona.  Anyone who is illegally cutting this lovely cactus can serve up to 25 years of imprisonment.
  • Quitman, Georgia: It is Illegal for the Chicken to Cross the Road
    Yes, chickens are in deep shit if they are found crossing the road in Quitman, Georgia.  Chickens are now in a hunger strike after learning that ducks are free to cross the main road.
  • New Jersey: No Bullet Proof Vest While Murdering
    If murdering is considered illegal, well apparently, putting on a bulletproof vest when your crime is happening is even more illegal. It means that you are in a really deep trouble if you are wearing a bulletproof vest when you commit a murder.
  • North Carolina: No Bingo for More than 5 Hours
    You better keep your eyes on the clock when you are playing Bingo in North Carolina since it is against the law to play Bingo for more than 5 hours.  It is so unfortunate when you just need one number to win the jackpot prize, and you already approached the time limit.
  • California: Vehicles Without a Driver Should not Surpass 60mph
    I know what you are thinking, that it is possible for an unmanned vehicle to reach 1mph, but California needs to draw the line.  You can’t be so sure if a vehicle without a driver can’t reach 61mph.
  • North Carolina: No Singing Off-Key
    In case you have a very bad singing voice, then it should be a struggle to live in North Carolina since it is against the law to sing off key.  Wait a minute; I remember the American Idol audition that was held in North Carolina where there are a lot of horrible singers.  Shouldn’t they be prosecuted?  I mean, we should take this law seriously.
  • Connecticut:  Biking that will Exceed 65mph is Illegal
    If someone is caught biking with a speed of more than 65mph, then they should prepare to suffer the consequences.

These are just some of the laws that still exist today that is just plain ridiculous.