Secret Strategies that will Boost Your Retention and Memory

Secret Strategies that will Boost Your Retention and Memory

Most of you are probably asking if it is indeed possible to boost your memory.  In case you are preparing for the coming exam and you find yourself having a tough time in memorising the names, dates and even the formula for the equation, you are perhaps wishing that you can have a better memory.  Luckily, there are numerous ways on how you can improve your memory power and retention.

4 Strategies that will Massively Improve Your Memory and Retention

Some people are utilising a reminder system to help them remember that important things.  However, for the essential things that you need to instil in your long-term memory, you will need to dramatically change your study habit and following some of the strategies that we will mention.

  • Focusing on Your Study Materials
    One of the prime components of a good memory would be the undivided attention.  To make the short-term memory transported into your long-term memory, you need to enthusiastically address this information.  Make sure you will find a place to study that is free from any sorts of distractions. Stay away from music, TV or other diversion that can affect your focus.  Eliminating the forms of distraction can be an overwhelming task particularly if you have a loud room-mate.  As a solution to this problem, you can set aside a short ‘me-time’ by asking your roomie to give you a space on a specific time.
  • Never Cram
    Based on the study, studying your materials in a number of sessions will give your brain the necessary time to process all that information.   Those who study regularly have a better chance of retaining a large percentage of the information compared to individuals who are cramming.  Avoid scanning your study materials in a single marathon session.
  • Organise the Information
    Experts have uncovered that the information is being stored in our memory in an organised manner.  Organising and structuring your study materials will prove to be beneficial. Analyse your materials and group the subjects with similar terms and concepts.  You may also create a systematic outline of your textbook and note that will help you to easily create a group that have related topic.
  • Using Mnemonic Devices
    This strategy has been used by different students and has been proven to work efficiently in improving their retention and memory.  Mnemonic devices are typically something that can help you remember information.  To do this, you will associate a term in your study material to a common item which is familiar to you.  Try to use a novelty, humorous or positive images.  Study shows that they work better in reminding us about essential information.  You may also compose a song; write a joke and poem that will remember you about a piece of information.

The next time you find it hard to memorise your materials, remember this strategy that will help you in improving your performance at school.