Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors for Price and specification in 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors

There is a good news for the Samsung Galaxy S9 users, if you have been waiting for some latest Samsung Galaxy S9 news then here you go because we have something latest for you.

Since, 2018 is just around the corner Samsung has started its production for the next year’s leading model “The Galaxy S9”.

The Galaxy S9 is the big thing for the Samsung and its users therefore, we have decided to cover each and everything about this latest model which is expected to be released out next year. Read on to know Galaxy S9 specifications, s9 price, s9 reviews and more.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date and Price

In 2017, Samsung launched S8 in late march so we could expect the arrival of new Samsung Galaxy S9 almost in the end of the March 2018. It is also a possibility that Samsung would unveil Galaxy S9 in the end of February. In this case, the Samsung brand might be launching its latest phone at Mobile World Congress 2018.

According to recent Galaxy s9 leak Rumors, S9 might present its teasers in January 2018 however, Samsung has announced that January teaser is still doubtful.

Well, there is no surprise that Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be an expensive set because last year S8 was launched at a price of $720. Moreover, it is nearly impossible that Samsung will drop price for its new phone so you may presume the higher price for sure.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications

To let you know about the specification of  Galaxy S9, so far we have known about the following features:

  • A new Display that is curved from four sides (5.8in/6.2in QHD)
  • Powerful processor 10nm for power efficiency
  • Cat 18 LTE support
  • Camera (Dual rear facing)
  • Fingerprint scanner.