How Hollywood Predicted Donald Trump Presidency 16 Years Ago!

The producers of the Simpsons are having a swell time, following the decisive victory of Donald Trump. What seemed to be just another episode of the cartoon has turned out to be a kind of prediction-turned-true.

In 2000, producers of the sitcom family series aired an episode titled “Bart to the Future”. In the episode, somehow found his way into the future. Lisa Simpson, now a grownup had taken over the oval office, replacing her predecessor Donald Trump.

Lisa Simpson was heard explaining to someone how she has “inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”, apparently complaining of empty treasury she had inherited from Donald Trump. When she inquired the state of the country’s finances from Milhouse Van Houten, her secretary, the reply she got was “We are broke”.

Prior to the elections, Dan Greaney, “Bart to the Future” writer, the animated movie serves as a warning to America, saying “That just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting the bottom”.

Something last year, Donald Trump was filmed coming down the escalator of Trump Tower, waving to his admirers when he declared his intention to run for Presidency. The video footage had markedly resemblance with The Simpsons show, where Trump can be seen coming down an escalator, waving to his admirers.

In a different twist of events, the producers of the show had endorsed Hilary Clinton for Presidency. Turns out their endorsement couldn’t hold water.

But the producers of The Simpsons aren’t the only ones who had accurately predicted the ascension of Donald Trump to the oval office.

A musical video released in 1999 also made a similar prediction. In the video, a Man was seeing holding a sign which read; “Donald J. Trump for President”. Trump who in the same year picked a Ticket, later withdrew from the Presidential race in 2000.