FCC certifies Approval for Wireless Distance charging Technology

Do you often dream about wireless charging iPhone x?  If yes then we are glad to reveal a most surprising news for you. On 26th, December, 2017, The U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provided the certification for the power at the distance wireless charging to a device named WattUp Mid field Transmitter.

wireless charging distance

This device is developed by Energous, a San Jose based startup, the device WattUp consumes radio frequencies to charge mobile devices from a distance of up to 91.44 cm (3ft). This is the only technology that can perform both contact and non-contact-based wireless charging.

Many of you may be thinking that how does wirelesscharging work? Well the answer is easy, the whole process of wireless takes place when the transmitter converts the electricity into radio frequencies, these RF later discharged into the devices which contain a corresponding receiver.

Wireless charging technology is not a new concept though, but WattUp is able to charge multiple devices at a time. WattUp charge both fast charging large battery devices such as smartphone and tables plus, it also charge devices comparable to Wi-Fi.

The FFC Certification for this technology is a major milestone in the market because it has provided multiple options from contact-based-charging to wirelesscharging 2.0.

WattUp is probably a great wireless charging technology since, it enables number of devices to get charged at once also, it can charge waterproof devices and stop charging when devices are fully charged.

The WattUp ecosystem is manufacturer-agnostic which allows you to charge any device for example you can do wireless Samsung charging even if the transmitter is made by Sony or Apple. Also, Energous will demonstrate the WattUp charger at CES this year which will be kicking off on Jan 9 to 12 in Las Vegas.