Donald Trump’s First 100 Days in Office: What to Expect


President-elect Donald Trump is getting ready to take over the presidency from outgoing democratic president Barack Obama. Having made a raft of controversial campaign promises over the last 18 months, Donald Trump will be in place, in about two months’ time, to implement these promises. Americans, and the world at large will be waiting to see exactly how much of what he promised will actually make it reality.

Below we have taken some time to review some of the top promises Donald Trump has reiterated will take first priority as soon as he takes up his new position in the oval office.

Delete Obama Legacy from the History Books

Donald Trump has reiterated that he will do his best to wipe any record of his predecessor, President Barack Obama, from the history books as President. His team has already identified a variety of executive orders and memorandums issued by Barrack Obama that Trump could reverse. Trump also promised to totally overhaul the Affordable Care Act, introduced by Mr Obama (popularly referred to as Obamacare), and replace it with his own Health Savings Accounts. It is however not clear how these two healthcare policies differ from each other.

Environment and Energy

President Elect Donald Trump has also reiterated his intention to make vital environmental and energy policies in his first days in office. First and foremost, he is expected to stop payment of billions of dollars to UN climate change programs; the money he says is to be redirected to funding domestic infrastructure projects. Furthermore, Donald Trump has promised to remove restrictions revolving around fracking in order to boost oil production in the US. He is also expected to reinitiate the Keystone project which was shelved by the Obama administration after a lot of protest from environmentalist groups.


One of the most controversial campaign promises made by Mr Trump revolved around immigration. He promised to deport all illegal immigrants from the US. He has however changed tact, specifying that he will deport illegal immigrants with criminal records. This change is thought to have been influenced by the fact that removing such a huge chunk of workers from the economy would cause a labour shortage.

Foreign Policy

To the world at large, Mr Trump has reiterated his intention to withdraw all American troops from Europe and Asia if those countries fail to pay for the protection received. According to    Mr Trump, any NATO country that does not meet its obligations will not receive any help from the US.

Many people are unsure of what to expect from a Trump Presidency. It is yet to be seen whether he will actually implement his controversial campaign promises, or leave them as that, promises.