Pros and cons of using Hybrid Cars

Pros and cons of using Hybrid Cars

Most car companies in the past decade have embraces the concept of hybrid cars. These are cars that can use more than one source of power. This simply means that they have an electric powered engine and a petrol or diesel one. They are mostly confused with electric cars which only use electric batteries as their only source of power. Most people rush to buy hybrid cars due to benefits of hybrid cars economically and to the environment. However, hybrid cars have some disadvantages that you need to be aware of before making your purchase.


  • Environment Friendly
    This is the main reason why hybrid cars were developed. They promote cleaner energy due to the fact that they use both the electric and gas powered engines thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. As much as they still use gas; the amount that they use compared to normal cars is much less hence, pollution to the environment is minimised by over 95%.
  • Higher Mileage
    Hybrid cars use a lot less fuel compared to ordinary cars. This is because the amount of fuel needed to power the vehicle is shared by both the electric and fuel engine, thus bringing the amount of money used to buy gas a lot lower. In the long run, this will bring the prices of fuel down due to the demand going down.
  • Better Incentives
    Most governments want more people to buy hybrid cars since they have a positive impact on the environment and economy. This is why there are tax exemptions and incentives to allow more people a chance to afford hybrid cars. This means that you may have a lot more credit options buying a hybrid car than an ordinary one.
  • Higher Value When Reselling
    More people are awakening to the realisation that hybrid cars is the way to go and most are looking for cheaper options to buying them first hand. You may sell your highbred car at a lower price than what you bought it for; however, it will be much higher than if you were selling a normal car.


  • Less Speed
    If you are the kind of person who loves speed, then you may want to skip out on the hybrid cars. These cars have less power than the normal gas powered car hence less speed. The gasoline engine is smaller while the electric engine is low power thus not generating enough to satisfy your need for speed.
  • Are Expensive to Buy
    A hybrid car obviously costs more than most normal cars, and this amount can be more by $5000 to $10000. Even with incentives and tax exemptions, it is still a pretty costly machine for most people.
  • High Maintenance Cost
    The fact that it has a dual engine that requires constant servicing and checks makes it quite expensive for an average person. It is also difficult to find an affordable mechanic who has adequate knowledge about the car making it a wholly expensive affair.

Hybrid cars are awesome, but you need to look at more than just the environmental friendly traits and ability to get credit facilities. You need to make a lot of considerations before buying it otherwise you may end up selling it faster than you thought.