The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Donald Trump’s Win

There are so many people that say it is the end of days for the nation because of Donald Trump’s win of the presidency, but one could also speculate that Trump was the lesser of two evils and the safest choice. Most of the controversial types claim that they are in utter horror of his win, while others simply feel there is a change needed in the United States and he will be the one to do it.

Who is right or wrong clearly will never be settled, but we can take a look at Trump’s policies and promises and maybe make some sense out of the entire mess. There seemed to be the same amount of mud-slinging going on during the campaigns, but I think we can all agree, Trump won fair and square.

It was a matter of minutes before America took up arms and completely went ballistic in rioting over Trumps win. It would seem that we as a society are jumbling up massive amounts of contradicting information and going off the wall with misunderstanding and not taking everything into account.


The Good

People claim that all those that voted for Trump are racists and bigots, but social media has put these disclaimers to a rest. During the primaries Trump received an astounding thirteen and a half million votes which equates to the most ever by a republican candidate. The Demarcates got over forty-eight percent of the votes during this time, but somehow Trump pulled it out.

What does that say for Trump followers being a bunch of bigots and racists? Well, Trump received over sixty million votes on election day, and over forty-nine percent of them were women, a mix of races captures on average over fifty percent of the votes, and the moderates voted for Trump over forty percent, and he captured over thirty percent of immigrants. That does not show that the compounded view is that Trump is a racist.


The Bad

 Trump has said numerous heinous comments and suggestions as to his anti-conservative allegiance over the past year and a half. He leans more towards massive tariffs on foreign commodities, single paying health insurance, and he won’t even consider America’s dying entitlement system.

Most of the individuals against Trump state that he will kill America with his tax code overhaul, immigration reform, stopping hedge fund fraudulent tax claims.  He is said to be shady in his actual “character” and that no one is exactly sure where he stands with his economic policies.


The Ugly

The ugly lies in the fact that our American public is actually rioting over a presidential win, which was fair and square, and the name calling, and childish antics are simply embarrassing and do not impress other countries. What we as a nation are proving to the world is we are hateful and ignorant about our country and constitution and that we are merely a target for others to bully. It is by far beyond a normal scope of reality to understand why, when Obama won two separate elections, not one person that voted in either election that opposed him, rioted, so why now? Who is racist and a bigot?