So What If Kayne West Decides To Contest for the Office of the President In 2020

What If Kayne West Decides To Contest for the Office of the President In 2020

Kayne West was spotted heading to the Los Angeles Airport – obviously on his way to Germany. He has been relatively scarce these days President.

So what has this got to do with running for US president in 2020? Good question! In 2015 when MTV base staged an award night for top performing singers, Kayne West stepped forward and declared his intention of running for Presidency. Think he is wasting his time – think again. Likes of you never believed someone like Donald Trump would one day become America’s Vice President, let alone President. And West wasn’t joking when he declared his intentions. He has reiterated his disappointment in the American System. A system that turns blind eye to the wild escapades of the police; a system that doesn’t give a damn about the effect of our actions on the environment –something has to be done.

In an interview with BBC, he made it known that he is in no way a politician – just an individual concerned about humanity. Instead of feeling helpless when he sees the ills in the society, he has decided to do something bold – running for President.

But don’t expect West to tell you how he intends to make his dream come true. The last time he was confronted about the matter, he simply decided to keep mum. Kayne West is definitely the Man to watch in 2020. If Donald Trump could do it, who says he can’t!

Catching Up With Kayne West’s Family

In a kind of related news, Kayne West’s wife, Kim Kardashian decided to play it low this Halloween. She chose to stay home with the kids instead of enjoying glitz of the camera – obviously trying to get over her nasty armed robbery incident. She has gone as far as doing school runs for the kid. Kayne West, being a gentle man that understands his wife has never hesitated in providing her with the support she needs. There gets a point in our life when we need to redefine our direction – Kim has gotten there. She needs time – plenty of it.