Serve Your People with Humility

Deciding and voting for the best political candidate has always been a challenge to many people. With the confusion that the public get from the politicians’ manifestos, people end up seeing all of the political aspirants as angels. But when political candidates realize that their manifestos carry no power again, they turn into buying votes where a group of people is called, and money is poured out for them to vote for that particular candidate. This has been the route to bad leadership that is characterized by corruption and poor economic decision making which leads lack of employment and poverty among other negative things.

As a politician, you need to know that politics is not money, politics is not convincing manifestos but politics is serving the people or citizens to their satisfaction. But how can a nation or a region are served satisfactory by a politician? As a politician, you would be dealing with all categories of people, teachers, farmers, doctors, engineers, street hawkers, business men and many kinds of people. Having a diversified way of thinking is the first step towards achieving the objectives, grievances, and needs of your people. Politicians should have it in their minds that they are not a monopoly of wisdom, so they need to make sure that they have a multidisciplinary team that is going to advise them and respond appropriately.


Always Read A lot of Books and Attend Meetings

A soldier spends almost all of his time practicing how to balance the riffle and attack the enemy, so is the politician; you should always seek knowledge regarding leadership. Find out what can make you better than yesterday and find the things that can make you serve your people well. Organize more meetings with your citizens, find out what they want and where their grievances are beyond your power, and be honest to them instead of cheating and making false promises. It never helps.

You Are Powerless Before the Eyes of the Voter

Even when you get the seat, just know that the voters are your bosses; you are always a servant to your citizens that you need to serve them with honor and humility. Your wealth and your money should not give you the wrong thinking that you can do anything you want. Stay loyal, honest and uphold justice wherever you. It is not time for you to cut off communications channels but instead you must make yourself more reachable so that people can address you easily. Be transparent on public issues and be ready to question any form of injustices in your locality. Politics is not earning tittles, politics is not showing off, but politics is allowing you to become a servant.