How the World Feels about US Political Scene

How the World Feels about America’s Political Scene

It is no secret that this year’s U.S general elections have drawn a lot of mixed reactions from the world. This is mostly because a lot of countries are realizing that the outcome of US politics or the polls could change their own countries in many ways. Leaders from all over the world have openly aired out their views on what the results would mean for their countries and regions as a whole. The feelings may be mixed, but it is obvious that most countries are in unison about a number of important matters.


The continent is divided over which candidate they support to win the elections. Britain for one has a lot of its leaders criticising the policies that aspirant Donald Trump wants to put in place saying that it will strain the good times that the country has. However, there are some members of parliament in the country standing with Trump sighting that he has greatly helped the country and that more is to come if he is elected president. Russia has been seen as one of the greatest supporters of Donald Trump, as their president has been seen with the presidential aspirant severally to imply that they are working together.


Most of the African countries are in unison that Hillary Clinton should be president. This is due to the harsh remarks that Donald Trump has been heard airing which will work against most African countries. Donald trump has been quoted severally labelling a number of African countries as corrupt and the most recent one claiming that Somalia is a terrorist country. This has not been received well by African leaders who only dread if Donald Trump is elected as the president of the U.S.


This is another region with an almost unanimous stand with presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton. This is due to the fact that Trump has been quoted severally saying that some of the Asian countries are a danger to the American economy. By saying this, it shows that he will dedicate his time and resources to try and crush the competition which is not a sentiment that the Asian countries are taking lightly.

Middle East

Some of the countries in the Middle East such as Iran are looking to build stronger ties with the United States. According to them, if Trump is elected president, this will be a difficult task to achieve. Hence, naturally, most of the countries are siding with Clinton in the hope that she will share their in vision.

A lot has been said by leaders in different regions while others remain plainly as spectators. This, however, does not drive away the fact that the decision remains in the hands of the American citizens.