Hillary Clinton Devotes Herself To Writer’s Life After Defeat For Trump

Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton accompany the inaugration of President Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton is leaving behind her surprising electoral defeat against Donald Trump through a book of essays reflecting on her life, the painful 2016 election campaign and the future.

Simon and Schuster said the book, still untitled, will be published in the fall of the northern hemisphere between September and October. He is inspired by quotes used by the former Secretary of State for decades.

Hillary, a 69-year-old practically withdrew from public life since Trump won the November presidential election and ended her dream of becoming the first woman president of the world’s most powerful democracy. Meanwhile, she witnessed the inauguration of the new Republican president in Washington DC along with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“These quotes have helped me celebrate the old days, laugh at myself in absurd times, persevere in bad times, and deepen my appreciation for all that life has to offer us,” Hillary said in a statement released by her Publishers.

Democrat Hillary is the author of five other books, the last “Hard Choices” published in 2014, “Living the History” (an autobiography), “An Invitation to the White House: “It Takes a Village,” all with Simon and Schuster.

Foreign editions of the new book will be published in Australia, Britain, Canada and India, and there will also be an audiobook form.

Simon and Schuster said he first discussed the collection of quotes with Hillary in 1994 when she was the first lady.

“We are delighted that Secretary Clinton finally feels it is the right time to share the words and thoughts that nurtured and enriched her by defining the experiences of her extraordinary life,” said editor Carolyn Reidy.

Hillary did not give any indication of what she will do after the defeat, although people close to the former secretary discard a new campaign to hold a public office.